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I'm Dr. Jojo and I'm a chiropractic physician specializing in embodied movers: folks actively engaging in their body’s experiences of pain, pleasure, optimization, and suffering;

folks with an understanding of the body’s stored experience

of lifetime(s) of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual data.


Empowered Chiropractic is intended to function as a support to folks moving physically and emotionally through the spiritual experience of every day life.

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Licensed Chiropractic Physician & Functional Medicine Trainee

 As the offspring of a yoga teacher, I've always had a relationship with yoga and meditation. My strong relationship with these practices today in the form of restorative yoga and mindfulness, are essential tools in balancing life’s stressors and deepening my relationship to the human experience of embodiment...

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I'm a traveling chiropractor local to Portland, OR who also travels to Seattle, WA area at the end of every month! Book an initial phone consultation to explore whether your home or 1 of 2 office locations in Portland is best to meet. Patients desiring home visits in WA or OR require a consultation before their first appointment.