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Comprehensive Somatic Care

The Touch Plan

The Bone Witch DC is an aspect of The Touch Plan, LLC and the offerings of The Bone Witch D.C. are but a part.


TOUCH PLAN | identified and developed by Aaron Johnson and defined by me here

A comprehensive and living care plan to access the nutrient of touch through connection with self, others, and the environment; a paradigm of human nutrition rooted in the access to trusting, carnage-informed, platonic touch for the sake of healing from white supremacist oppressive systems that dispossess us and particularly People of the Global Majority (PGM) of our humanity

Touch Specialist - a person who supports the navigation of a touch plan

TOUCH | the first sense to develop in infancy and emotionally central to human nourishment

CARE | a sensation that motivates human authenticity, action, and accomplishment

EMPOWERMENT | the intersection between touch and care; the authentic result of emotional nourishment

When we receive care, when we receive touch, our body fights harder to live and we work harder for our dreams to come true. This is empowerment.

The Unconventional Chiropractor


The Touch Plan


“I am a purveyor of speculative touch”

I started with speculative touch. It works for speculative fiction, redefining science fiction as "a text that forces its consumer to imagine (or speculate) on possibilities that do not fit in with their understanding of the world" (M. Haynes, 2022). Science fiction was the genre rooted in alternative realities but dominated by white men, meaning white male protagonists and unrealistic, incomplete roles and perspective for everybody else. Du Bois changed that with his piece, "The Comet" and it was 50 years before leaders like Octavia Butler were able to wedge themselves in and secret libraries for Black writers and readers sprouted up where they could learn about hidden Black lineages of writing and storytelling by prolific Black authors.

I’m wedging myself in to a legacy that is chiropractic founded by D.D. Palmer in the 1900s. An old white man who at the time was also a spiritualist and magnetist. He believed in the the nervous system as an intimate source of human potential and energy used to heal itself and he taught from just that place when he began chiropractic. Magnetism was a healing art practiced not only by the founder of chiropractic but also the founder of osteopathy. Bone doctors. Bone witches.

I’m no magnetist, but I am a witch, an astrologer, a touch specialist, an intimacy activist and a practitioner of speculative touch trained as a chiropractor. Like the purveyors of speculative fiction, I too consider the positionality of myself and my audience, my clients and patients, and am in service to what I do not understand while wielding a craft that I do. I too allow for untold stories to take center stage, for those I serve to dominate the conversation of their own experiences in hopes that I can help in support of a comprehensive plan for nurturance and care in their life design.

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