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The Bone Witch D.C.
Dr. Ryeder

Licensed Chiropractic Physician &

Functional Medicine Practitioner

I am a purveyor of speculative touch.

I use this to mean I will remain inquisitive. That the patient is the central location of the patient’s experiences and sensations and I am in service to that experience, to care for that person in their experience through skillful listening, space-holding, and touch.


I’m in deep mentorship, friendship, and relationship with Aaron Johnson and the Grief to Action project and programming. Since before it’s conception I’ve been here learning from Aaron and shaping ideas of deep holding and centering Blackness with the tools I learned from chiropractic, partner & solo dance, cranial sacral, massage, and a 20-year breath & movement practice. One outcome of this is the elaboration of the touch plan.

What the first Touch Specialist cohort has taught me is a how to introduce a touch plan to people who barely regard touch at all outside of conventional partnerships, uninterrogated monogamy, and marriage. In many of in these circumstances people are chronically undertouched as they await this utopian intimacy promised to them by these conventional stories. I am an interruption. Chiropractic is an interruption to this, but particularIy when I wield it. I am aware of my position as a purveyor of healing touch in these times after covid-19 has ravaged the world and the chronically undertouched population has skyrocketed; I understand the impact that I can have, that holding the weight of someone’s head can have. I am aware of my propensity for deep holding and I intend to make the most of it.

The touch plan is a comprehensive care plan that blurs the lines between professional and casual care. It can be comprised of a pet or a piece of earth, a rock, a soft bed, a foot massage, a held hand. the touch plan can come from a walk around the block. It’s these small things that we do to be in touch with ourselves, to keep ourselves nourished, and sometimes that touch plan is being poked by an acupuncturist or being adjusted by a chiropractor. And I’m here for you. I want to adjust you if that feels like it’s matching your body at that time. And I also want you to have a moment of pause to integrate what that means for your nervous system. I want to sit across from you and hold your hand and tend to the bones of your fingers while you tell me your story. And if it’s actually that job that you work that’s causing your back to feel that way and it’s not going to stop until you quit I’m going to be there to listen, because sometimes listening is the touch plan.

My work is interested in leaving you feeling cared for and loved.

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