About Dr. Jojo

Licensed Chiropractic Physician &

Functional Medicine Trainee

My experience with movement is vast, and for that reason, I recognize the value in identifying a ‘movement community’ of people rather than a specific sport, trade, or hobby. 


My history of activity began with high-level competitive sports in childhood and adolescence. Into adulthood, my movement took a collaborative route into physical labor shared in the workplace including landscaping, farming and grocery labor, climbing, partner acrobatics, partner yoga, group lifting, and social dancing.

As the offspring of a yoga teacher, I've always had a relationship with yoga and meditation. My strong relationship with these practices today in the form of restorative yoga and mindfulness, are essential tools in balancing life’s stressors and deepening my relationship to the human body. Today, you can find me marching with a bass drum under the Morrison Bridge in Portland or on many a social dance floors, partner dancing in blues, contra, and fusion.

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